The greatest ADVANTAGE OF THE WEB is that it provides accessibility to information. You can prepare your web pages and then, can publish them on the web. You can target a specific audience or a group of people and let them view your data  and information by making them accessible to the web pages. In this way, the number of audience accessing your web pages can be virtually limitless.

Following are the advantage of using the web.

  • The Advantage of the web pages you create are interactive, that is a user can click on the hyperlinks on the web pages and get the results dynamically.
  • The web pages can include nit only text but also audio, video, graphics, images.
  • Web pages can use resource from other websites by using hyperlink to those sites.
  • The Advantage of the web platform-independent, that is, its functionality is not affected by different operating system and hardware and software configuration that are used on different computer on the web.
  • The web provides fast access to Information.

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