Banking Awareness One Liner Question Answer

Banking Awareness One Liner Question Answer UPSC, Banking, SSC and Railways Exam का महत्वपूर्ण खंड है और जो उम्मीदवार 2020 में आगामी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कर रहे हैं, उन्हें इस सेक्शन की तैयारी अच्छी तरह से करनी चाहिए। Current Affairs UPSC, SSC, IAS, Railway-RRB, UPPSC, UKPSC, TNPSC, MPPSC & Other State Government Jobs / Exams and latest Current Affairs 2020 for banking exams SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, RBI, RRB आदि परीक्षा के लिए भी करंट अफेयर्स का महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है। Banking Awareness One Liner Question के सभी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न और उत्तर नीचे दिये गये है

Banking Awareness One Liner Question Answer

  • 👉 Banking ombudsman is appointed by – RBI
    👉 Tax free union territory – Pudhucherry
    👉 Maximum age for retirement of MD/CEO for all private banks – 70 years
    👉 New savings schemes introduced by SBI for children – pehlaKadam and PehliUdaan
    👉 Financial inclusion – Ensuring accessibility to bank accounts for many/all.
    👉 Vijay Mallya ‘willfull defaulter is declared by – United Bank of India
    👉 Mutual funds are regulated by – Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
    👉 Equator- the term associated with Banking operations
    👉 U.T.I officially changed by – Axis bank
    👉 Regulatory authority of rural banks – RBI and NABARD
    👉EBT – Electrical Benefit Transfer
    👉 BMB Smart banking – internet banking facility launched by Bharatiya Mahila Bank
    👉 NABARD – Handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India
    👉 ICICI – allow to open bank account for children above 10
    👉 Kotak Mahindra Bank – launched FACEBOOK based social networking instant fund transfer
    👉 SBI – introduced first multi-currency international debit card.
    👉 Microsoft – ready to set up data centers end of 2015.
    👉 The foreign exchange reserves are kept by – RBI
    👉 Bank of Rajastan merged with ICICI bank
    👉 Drawer in bank Cheques – who issues the Cheque.
    👉 Drawee in bank Cheque – always the banker
    👉 Union bank – first bank to set up talking ATM
    👉 SBI Associate banks – initially seven banks
    👉 During inflation tax should be increased.
    👉 Industrial sector – biggest tax paying sector in India
    👉 SBI – first Indian bank to touch market capital up to Rs.100000 crore
    👉 Insurance sector regulated by – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
    👉 United commercial bank – Expanded form UCO bank
    👉 TRIPS and TRIMS associated with – WTO
    👉 SBI and Bank of India – first two Indian banks to open branch in Pakistan
    👉 The merchant banking activities in India governed by – SEBI
    👉 RBI establish in – April 1, 1935.
    👉 Original name of SBI – Bank of Calcutta and Bank of Bengal
    👉 SBI comes into existence in – 1955
    👉 Hum Hai Na is the slogan of ICICI
    👉 World bank established in 1944
    👉 Headquarter of world bank is Washington DC.
    👉 World bank 12th president – Jim Yong Kim
    👉 SIDBI – Small Industries Development Bank of India
    👉 NHB – National Housing Bank
    👉 NHB established in 9th July, 1988
    👉 NDTL – Net Demand and Time Liabilities.
    👉 KYC – Know Your Customer
    👉 Inflation – increase in general level of price for goods and service
    👉 Bearer Cheque – payable to any person who present it for payment at the bank counter
    👉 Capital market deals in – Long term funds and Debt and Equity
    👉 Banking commission established in – 1972
    👉 IRDA headquarter – Hyderabad
    👉 SBI formulated under – SBI Act 1955
    👉 ICICI – first universal bank established in country
    👉 Scheduled commercial banks got license under – Banking Regulation Act 1949
    👉 Laxmi commercial bank merged with Canara Bank
    👉 If ATM is out of order it is called operational risk
    👉 When computer is not worked in banks is called operational risk
    👉 Credit risk – If loans are not repaid in time
    👉 Market risk – If the bank products failed to service in market
    👉 IFSC denotes Branch code of any bank
    👉 IFSC consist of 11 digits
    👉 Global bank – Take over by Oriental bank of commerce
    👉 RBI does not issue one rupee note
    👉 Bank of Baroda – first bank to open branch outside India at London
    👉 NRI deposits called as Hot Money
    👉 LAB – Local Area Banks
    👉 Oriental bank of commerce – first bank to issue capital to public.
    👉 SEBI consists of chairman and five members
    👉 Bank rate – when RBI desires to restrict expansion of credit it raises.
    👉 Dishonour of the cheque – when bank returns the the cheque unpaid
    👉 Mortgage is the security on immovable property
    👉 FINO – Financial Information Network and Operation Limited
    👉 EBT – Electronic benefit transfer
    👉 Bank of rajasthan merged with ICICI bank
    👉 For NBFC capital requirement – 2 cr
    👉 Date of demonetization – Nov 9

Banking Awareness One Liner Question Answer

1. Walmart के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- सैम वॉल्टन (Sam Walton)1962

2. Paytm के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- विजय शेखर शर्मा (2010)

3. Google के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- लैरी पेज ,सर्फ ब्रिन (1998)

4. Microsoft के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer-बिल गेट्स, पॉल एलन (1975)

5. Whats App के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- ब्रायन ऐक्टन ,जैन कौम (2009)

6. Amazon के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- जैफ बेजोस (1994)

7. Flip-kart के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- सचिन बंसल और बिन्नी बंसल (2007)

8. Yahoo के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- David filo, Jerry yang (1994)

9. Apple के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- स्टीव जॉब्स (1976

10. Wikipedia के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- जिमी वेल्स (2001)

11. Motorola के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- Paul & Joseph Gablin (1928)

12. Facebook के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- मार्क जुकरबर्ग (2004)

13. Alibaba के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- जैक मा (1999)

14. Nokia के संस्थापक कौन है ?
Answer- Fredrik idestamLe0 mechelin

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