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Contents –

Unit 1 – Power Systems
1. Supply System
2. Line Parameters
3. Performance of Transmission Line
4. Concept of Corona
5. Mechanical Design of Overhead Line
6. Balanced and Unbalanced Faults
7. Power System Stability
8. Power System Transients
9. Economic Load Dispatch
10. Underground Cable
11. Protective Relays
12. Circuit Breakers
13. Generating Power Stations
14. Loads and Load Curves

Unit 2 – Electrical Machines
1. Transformers
2. Electromagnetic System
3. Basic Concepts in Rotating Electrical Machines
4. D.C. Machines
5. Poly phase Induction Motors
6. Poly phase Synchronous Machines

Unit 3 – Power Electronics
1. Power Electronics
2. Thyristor
3. Diode Circuits and Rectifiers
4. Thyristor Commutation Techniques
5. Phase Controlled Rectifiers
6. Choppers
7. Inverters
8. AC Voltage Controllers
9. Electric Drives

Unit 4 – Measurement & Instrumentation
1. Characteristics of Instruments and Measurement Systems
2. Circuit Components
3. Galvanometers
4. Analog Meters
5. Instrument Transformers
6. Measurement of Power and Watt meters
7. Measurement of Resistance
8. A.C. Bridges
9. Magnetic Measurements
10. Electronic Instruments
11. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
12. High Frequency Measurements
13. Transducers

Unit 5 – Network Theory
1. Circuit Elements and Signal Waveform
2. Network Laws and Theorems
3. Graph Theory
4. Laplace Transform Analysis and Circuit Transients
5. Resonance
6. Magnetically Coupled Circuit
7. Two Port Network
8. Network Synthesis
9. Dual Network

Unit 6 – Control Systems
1. Introduction
2. Mathematical Modelling
3. Transfer Function
4. Time Response Analysis of Control System
5. Stability in Time Domain
6. Industrial Controller
7. Compensator
8. Frequency Response Analysis
9. State Space Analysis

Unit 7 – Signals & Systems
1. Introduction to Signals
2. Linear Time Invariant Systems
3. Fourier Series
4. Fourier Transform
5. Laplace Transform
6. Z – Transform

Unit 8 – Analog Electronics
1. Semiconductor Physics
2. Junction Diode Characteristics
3. Bipolar Junction Transistors
4. Transistor Biasing Circuits
5. BJT as an Amplifier
6. Junction Field Effect Transistors
7. Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
8. Transistor Hybrid Model
9. Feedback Amplifiers
10. Operational Amplifiers
11. Large Single Amplifiers
12. The Signal Generators and Wave Shaping Circuits

Unit 9 – Digital Electronics
1. Number System and Codes
2. Logic Gates
3. Boolean Algebra and Reduction Techniques
4. Digital Logic Circuits
5. Sequential Circuits
6. Registers
7. Counters
8. Digital ICs Family
9. DACs and ADCs

Unit 10 – Electrical Materials
1. Dielectric Properties of Insulating Materials
2. Dielectric Breakdown
3. Magnetic Properties of Materials
4. Conductive Materials
5. Semiconductor Material
6. Insulating Materials
7. Crystal Structure

Unit 11 – Electromagnetic Theory
1. Vector Calculus
2. Coordinate System and Transformation
3. Electrostatics
4. Magneto-static Field
5. Maxwell’s Equations
6. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
7. Incidence of EM Wave
8. Transmission Lines

Unit 12 – Microprocessor
1. Introduction
2. Architecture of 8085
3. Instruction Set and Data Formats
4. Interrupts
5. Interfacing with Microprocessor

Unit 13 – Communication Systems
1. Basics
2. Fourier Series Energy and Signals
3. Analog Modulation
4. Pulse Modulation
5. Digital Carrier Modulation
6. Random Variables and Noise

Handbook on Electrical Engineering PDF Book Download

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