WORKING WITH JAVA OBJECTS WORKING WITH JAVA OBJECTS – You need to define an object, its variables and members to represent any real world object in Java program for the implementation of this object in the program. This object can be a person, a place or a record of a database. A class is collection of


THE JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE (JVM) THE JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE (JVM) plays an important role in making the JAVA language portable and platform independent as it hides the details of implementation between the hardware requirement and the operating system. JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE runs the compiled java program and provides compatibility between the compiled java program and


WEB ACCESS USING THE WEB BROWSER A computer software which is used to display text and images is called a web browser. It also help interaction with images, text and other information found on web pages. These text and images can also provide hyperlinks to other pages on the web. Using a web browser a


WEB TERMINOLOGY –  The term and definition used in the World Wide web genre are know as web terminology. Some of these term and definitions are given below: Anchor : It is the world or phrase on a web page that cab ne clicked by the user to connect to another web pages. It is


ADVANTAGE OF THE WEB The greatest ADVANTAGE OF THE WEB is that it provides accessibility to information. You can prepare your web pages and then, can publish them on the web. You can target a specific audience or a group of people and let them view your data  and information by making them accessible to


The world wide web (WWW) is a computer network which consists which of a collection of Internet sites. These Internet sites offer various resources such as text, graphics, audio, video, and animation. Following are the various component off the web. Web client is a system which request for web service on the internet for performing


INTERNET GROUP MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL The Internet group management protocol (IGMP) provides a computer on the Internet with a method for reporting its multi-cast group membership to adjacent routers. Using multi-casting, one computer on the Internet can send content to several other computers which have indicated  their interest in receiving the content from the computer responsible

The History Of JAVA

In year 1991, a group of engineers at Sun Microsystems Laboratory developed the Java Language. The Sun Microsystems engineers, Patrick Naughton and James Gosling wanted to design a programming language for the development of software that could be used in different consumer electronic devices such as VCRs, toasters, and cable television switchboxes. The team of


E-mail messages are sent to a mail server where the messages are stored on receipt in the e-mail box of the receiver. The messages in the mailbox of the recipient are received by the recipient using retrieval protocols. Some clients and servers prefer to use typically proprietary protocols that are specific to vendors, most others

The Internet Architecture Board

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) is the committee responsible for supervising the technical and engineering development of the Internet. The IAB committee is appointed by the Internet Society (ISOC), Which is an international Organization whose mission is to encourage Internet usage. IAB supervises a number of Task Forces, which are temporary organizations formed to work