The History Of JAVA full Details

The History Of JAVA full Details – In year 1991, a group of engineers at Sun Micro systems Laboratory developed the Java Language. The Sun Micro systems engineers, Patrick Naught on and James Gosling wanted to design a programming language for the development of software that could be used in different consumer electronic devices such as VCRs, toasters, and cable television switch boxes. The team of Sun Micro systems engineers designed a project which they named as Green Project.

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The Green project engineers designed a portable language that was small in nature, as it memory requirement as less and it could also be used to generate arr intermediate code for virtual machines such as the Java Virtual Machine. The intermediate code generated by the Green Project required an interpreter to convert the programming language instructions into a machine code. This process of generating and interpreting the intermediate code required less memory space and, thereby, provided compatibility to a variety of consumer electronic devices. The newly developed language was named Oak, which was based on C++ and followed the object – oriented programming approach. The Oak programming language was later renamed Java and was introduced with this new name in year 1995. In year 1993, the first graphical web browser Mosaic was releases in the market. During this time the users across the world starting exploring the Internet. The users were using the Internet on their machines, which run on variety of OS and hardware configuration.

Due to the increasing popularity of the web, the Sun engineers decided to use Java for Internet by utilizing its feature of platform independence. Patrick Naught on and Jonathan Payne built the Hot Java web browser written in the Java language. This web browser was made capable of interpreting the intermediate code for Java.

The History Of JAVA full Details Syntax –

Java’s syntax is largely derived from C ++. But unlike C ++, which combines the syntax of structured, generic, and object-oriented programming, Java is built from the ground up to be practically object-oriented: in Java everything is an object except atomic data types (order and real numbers, true values and characters) and everything in Java is written in class.

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