A computer software which is used to display text and images is called a web browser. It also help interaction with images, text and other information found on web pages. These text and images can also provide hyperlinks to other pages on the web. Using a web browser a user can follow the hyperlink and navigate through other pages on the web quickly and easily.WEB ACCESS USING WEB BROWSER Personal computer can choose from various web browser available .

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Apple Safari.
  4. Netscape
  5. Opera

The Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser. WEB ACCESS USING WEB BROWSER can also be used in private network. Private network are those that use Internet protocol for communication among different computers but these computer are not connected to the Internet. These networks are owned by specific organization for their personal use web Access using web browser.

Web servers communication with web browser with the help of HTTP , HTTP can be used to submit information to web server , and also bring web pages from the web server to the client computers. The web pages are located on the web using a URL  ( Uniform Resource Locator ), which is an address of a web pages. It start with “http” for accessing web using HTTP. Other URL’s are also supported on the web to locate web pages such as the URL starting with “FTP” for accessing web using FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) Commonly the file format of web pages is HTMT.

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