The term and definition used in the World Wide web genre are know as web terminology. Some of these term and definitions are given below:

  • Anchor : It is the world or phrase on a web page that cab ne clicked by the user to connect to another web pages. It is also called hyperlink.
  • Archie : A net-based service which can be sued to locate files that you can download using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Bandwidth : It is the rang of frequencies that the network can use to send data. If you have a grater bandwidth, you can transfer more information over a network at one time.
  • Bit : It is short from of binary digit. It is the smallest unit of information that a computer can represent.
  • Baseband : A transmission technique wherein the whole bandwidth in total, is used by the network for transmission of a single signal.
  • Baud : It is unit to measure data transmission speed. This is commonly the same as bits per second.
  • Broadband : It is a transmission method in which the frequencies of transmission are divided into separate sections. These sections are know as channels which are used top send a different signal at one time.
  • Browser : It is the software using which you can navigate web pages.
  • Byte : The number of bits representing a character, any alphabetic character for instance or any digit.
  • Client : Client is any computer that accesses web services on a network.
  • Cyberspace : This term describe the Internet and other computer network.
  • Direct Connection : It is a permanent connection between your computer and the Internet that is leased from a telephone company. its also know as Leased-line connection.
  • Download : This is the operation of transferring a copy of file that resides another computer on a computer network.
  • Frequently Asked Question(FAQs) : FAQs are used to provide answers top those questions that are generally asked by the user while accessing a website.
  • FTP : It stands for file transfer protocol which is used to transfer file from computer to computer.
  • Gopher : It s a menu-based tool that is used to locate resource on the Internet.
  • Home Page : It is the first page that appears when you open a web browser. It is also the first page that appears when you go to a website.
  • Host : It is computer that work as an information or communication server on a network.
  • Node : It is a device that is attached to a network and has an address on a network.
  • Server : It is a computer that serves that request of client computer on a network.
  • URL : It stand for uniform resource locator which is the addressing system employed on the World Wide Web comprising information related to the access technique, the server to be accessed and the path of the file to be accessed.
  • Webmaster : The person in-change of a World Wide Web site.
  • Web Page : A web page is the HTML document that can be accessed on the web.
  • Web Node : It is the term used to refer to a website or web server.

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