What Is Internet

Internet is a system of computer networks that are spread all over the world and use number of protocol of protocols to communicate with one another such as transmission control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). Internet is still uncharted and there is no central authority controlling the content of the Internet and user connectivity. An computer with a modem can be connected to the Internet. Following are the two common modes of Internet connection

  1. Dial – UP Connections –

Individual subscribers in order to access the Internet make use of dial – up connections. To access the Internet through a dial – up connection to need a personal computer, modem and an appropriate communication software like the Internet Explorer. In the mode there is a host which services the client requests for the information.

  1. Direct Connection –

Direct connections are those that use wireless medium for information transfer. Commonly direct connections are available to institutions, which lease high – speed connections to regional networks and service providers. An Internet connection using phone lines and modems does not give users a speedy access to the Internet. An Internet connection using ordinary telephone lines has a data transfer rate of approximately 1000 – 3000 characters per second while the data transfer rate using direct connection is of the order of mega characters per second.

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